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Web Dev Bit By Bit is my collection of resources and notes. It is mainly built for budding developers. You can navigate through posts by clicking on tags or to load all posts click on Archive.

Most articles focus on a specific topic or idea, but some posts are collections of resources:

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A bit more about me

I am Céline, a full stack web developer that completed a tour of duty in the Intellectual Property field as an Excel-wielding business analyst.

For the past 5 years I worked in the Intellectual Property industry as a Project Manager and later as a Business Analyst. I relocated to the US from London and took the opportunity to reimagine my career and work in the tech industry.

I love reading while drinking a cup of tea (this is my British side). I also love cooking (this must be my French heritage), especially baking. I am also a yoga-addict, practicing nearly every day. If you would like some inspiration to practice, I created a library grouping YouTube videos I have been using: Yogi Library