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How to deploy your Gatsby site with Surge

Published on August 31, 2019

Gatsby is a free and open source framework based on React, it is the perfect tool to build a blog or portfolio. Surge is a cloud platform for hosting static websites, which is extremely simple to use and lets you deploy in one command. So far it is the easiest way to deploy a static site that I know.

One note to consider, if you use the free version of Surge with a custom domain you won't be able to redirect http:// to https://. Google have placed increased emphasis on securing all sites and this may be a problem if you previously published your website with https. When you add an SSL certificate to a domain on your hosting account, the domain will default to being served over https and browsers will give a security error when accessing the site.

If you want to read more about http and https, this article is great.

If you are happy with a surge domain (e.g. you can get https without any issues.

Getting started with Surge

First, ensure you have a recent version of Node.js. Install Surge using npm by running the following command: npm install --global surge. You might need to use sudo npm install --global surge

Run surge from any directory and you will be able to create a (free) account from the command line. This will only happen once so make sure you remember the password.

Deploy your Gatsby site to Surge

Build a site by running this command in your project’s root directory: gatsby build. This generates a publishable version of your site in the public folder.

You can deploy your site by running the following in the root of the project directory. surge public.

You can edit the randomly generated domain if you don't like it.$ surge public
   Running as

    project: public
      (401 files, 12726         upload: [] 98% eta: 0.1s ...
      CDN: [=================] 100%

   Success! - Published to

And you're done!

Deploying to your own domain name

Navigate to your Domain Provider and in Advanced DNS type the below:

type: CNAME Record - host: @ - value:

type: CNAME Record - host: www - value:

For more details read the Surge documentation.

You can now run surge

The final step would be to save your custom domain so you don't need to type it each time you deploy. Add a CNAME file to the root of the project you are deploying. You can do this by using the below command:

echo > CNAME